Inspire, create, become


Gordon McDade


Gordon was a personal mentor as I settled into a new and somewhat tumultuous role in this last year. His insightful yet challenging questions helped me steer a large boat with a small rudder.

- Third Sector CEO, Belfast

Gordon took the time to really listen to me; he created a safe confidential space where I felt at ease sharing my issues and receiving critical and thoughtful comments on how to consider the situation / proceed with the situation.  He was so gracious and really offered a reflective mirror for me to view changes in our centre.  He was kind and considerate, but never afraid to pose the really meaningful questions which can give really new insights for someone working their way through the ‘mire’ of the same situation each day.

I know that without Gordon’s thoughtful guidance over the last four months I would be in a very different, more negative, place today.  Thank you for organising the mentoring, and thank you Gordon for being such a wonderful mentor!

- CEO of a Charity

Something which Gordon said really focused me and I am now starting on the road of being a professional artist. The sessions with Gordon really did galvanise me into action. So thank you Gordon very much.

- Artist, Co Cavan

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support over the year. You really have made me believe in myself and not to be afraid to put myself forward. Learning the value of not letting anyone unplug my positivity is something I will carry with me always. Thank you.


Working with Gordon changed my life. He helped me clarify my thoughts and asked all the right questions about where I wanted to go in life and how I would get there. After a session, I felt like I was ten feet tall and I believed in myself. 


Thanks to Gordon's support, I made decisions I had hesitated on long enough. He helped me make real commitments to my life goals. Thank you, Gordon.


Hand on heart, I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without Gordon's intervention.  As a coach, he instilled in me the belief that I was capable of whatever I wanted. With his guidance I was able to see clearly the situations presented to me and make brave decisions about my future, something I would never have done on my own.


I cannot recommend Gordon enough. He has an innate ability to read people and is always professional, caring and encouraging. He is a great listener, has a warm and caring nature and is very knowledgeable in his subject area.  After a few sessions with Gordon, I felt I had a real sense of clarity and direction. Highly recommend. 

                                                                       -Teacher, Belfast.


I was very lucky to have Gordon as my life coach for five sessions last year. He’s very charismatic and interesting and completely changed how I thought about my career to date. I sought advice from him re a new course I was thinking about and he encouraged me to go for it and I’m glad I did.  As a society, we’re so used talking about everyone else but yourself. Gordon gets you over that barrier and makes you realise your unique skill set and how to overcome your fears and start on your path of self-development and fulfillment.                                                                                                       -Chair, Community Association, Hilltown.